Jess Barnard


As a youth worker I have spent many years supporting young people and families experiencing insecure work, devastating cuts to their community and denied a secure home. More than ever we need to deliver a socialist Labour government that eradicates inequality and is committed to trade unionist and socialist principles.

I am standing to ensure that our party is led by working class voices who will stand up for the policy we need, for democracy, accountability and the rights of our membership.

As Chair of Young Labour I have worked relentlessly to champion the voice of young members at one of the toughest moments facing us.

I have led campaign actions across my region for four years, served as a County Councillor in Norfolk, stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in the 2019 election and am a community activist and organiser in Norwich.

I am proud to be supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance and Momentum. Please also support Mish Rahman, Gemma Bolton and Yasmine Dar.

Norwich South CLP

Twitter: @JessicaLBarnard