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We’re in an age of crises: war, inequality, cost-of-living, systemic racism, pandemics and climate catastrophe. There’s no winding back the clock. Only socialist policies offer the transformative change needed, from strengthened trade unions to public ownership to a Green New Deal.

The NEC is crucial to this - it's one of the most powerful bodies in the Party, and it's where key decisions on democracy and policy are made. So we have to get organised for this year's NEC election.

As your NEC reps, the Grassroots Voice slate has continually campaigned for the publication of the Forde report, and led on the creation of new, independent and democratic BAME, disabled members' and student structures within the Party, real achievements which lay the ground for future socialist leaders.

We have stood up for democracy, to uphold the rulebook in the face of unfair proscriptions, to restore the whip to Corbyn and to support the rights of members in selections and policy, helping to get many members reinstated. In the face of the youth wing being silenced for its political positions, these demands are more important than ever.

While we may not win every time, we can defend our rights and sow the seeds for a socialist future. The crises we face are too important for us to give up now. Let’s keep up the struggle for the future we need.

Ballots are now open. To find your ballot, search for the subject line 'Your ballot - Labour Party elections' in your inbox. Vote for the #GV4 to the NEC, Socialist Future if you are under 27 or a student and other Grassroots Voice candidates where you are eligible. Voting closes on Friday 26 August. Type your postcode into our preferencing tool to find out how to rank the #GV4 candidates. Let's do this!

What is the NEC?

Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) is the party's governing body, which oversees the way our Party is run.

  • It plays a crucial role in the process for deciding Labour’s manifesto.

  • It makes key decisions determining who can become a Labour parliamentary candidate and who can be elected in other internal Party elections.

  • It makes vital decisions about Party Conference including making recommendations for or against important rule changes.

  • It appoints the Party's general secretary and recently appointed the panellists for the inquiry into the leaked Labour report.

  • It is responsible for implementing the Party’s rule book and for managing the disciplinary processes.

In short, the NEC makes big decisions on behalf of the party. Therefore, who gets to sit on it and what their political beliefs and motivations are is extremely important.

Why are these NEC elections so important?

These elections are a huge opportunity for the left to build power in the party. We can push the leadership to adopt a Green New Deal 2030, support Black Lives Matter, and commit to a transformative post-pandemic policy programme, policies which are overwhelmingly popular with voters. But to do that we need more socialists on the NEC.

We can improve Party transparency, drive forward member-led democracy, ensure justice for the abuse and misconduct exposed by the ‘Labour Leaks’ and prevent any return to purges of membership and attempts to stitch up votes and break the Party’s rules.

We have the numbers to win this election. If we work together, we can win.

Our candidates:

Gemma Bolton

Gemma Bolton



I’m standing for re-election to Labour’s NEC to continue to fight for a socialist and democratic party which upholds the rulebook, decisions of its annual conference, and puts members and working people at its core. To win, Labour must fight for a socialist policy agenda in opposition to Conservative attacks on our jobs, health, shared values and living standards. We must oppose Tory austerity; support...


Jess Barnard

Jess Barnard



As a youth worker I have spent many years supporting young people and families experiencing insecure work, devastating cuts to their community and denied a secure home. More than ever we need to deliver a socialist Labour government that eradicates inequality and is committed to trade unionist and socialist principles. I am standing to ensure that our party is led by working class voices..


Mish Rahman

Mish Rahman



I was elected to Labour’s NEC in 2020 to ensure a strong voice for members and greater oversight over Party governance. I am now seeking re-election after a term where I have: strived to ensure fairness and due process on disciplinary panels; continually argued for consistent implementation of the rulebook and opposed arbitrary decision-making; regularly reported back via online calls, articles and social media...


Yasmine Dar

Yasmine Dar



I’m standing for re-election to the NEC so I can continue to be a strong voice for grassroots members. My experiences as a BAME woman, a social worker, co-founder of a Children’s Charity, anti-racist activist and a Councillor have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative Labour government for the many not the few...


Lara McNeill


Lara McNeill



I’m incredibly proud to work as a doctor and I have been on the frontline since the pandemic started. Yet while my colleagues and I were working ourselves to burnout, the Tories partied in Downing Street. As young people, we have not only suffered during the pandemic, but the cost of living crisis continues unabated and over a decade of Conservative rule has left our future in limbo...


Ellen Morrison


Ellen Morrison



I’m proud that 18 months ago, you chose me to be the first ever disabled members’ representative on the NEC. I’ve been at every NEC and subcommittee meeting to represent disabled members, ensuring our priorities are heard. I’ve kept focus on the policies disabled people need...


Ankunda Matsiko


Ankunda Matsiko



The law is not to be used as a tool of oppression but as an instrument to deliver justice. This is my belief and how I approach my career as an immigration adviser and my political service as a councillor serving the Sherwood Ward of Nottingham City. It has been incredibly painful to walk alongside those who have faced oppression within all these spheres. And it is pure joy...


Lynne Jones


Lynne Jones



Labour is under constant pressure from powerful institutions that work for the 1% not the many our Party was established to represent. Since devolution Welsh Labour...
Mae Llafur dan bwysau cyson gan sefydliadau pwerus sy’n gweithio i’r 1%, nid y mwyafrif sefydlwyd ein plaid i’w cynrychioli. Ers datganoli, mae Llafur Cymru wedi...


How to Vote

For the first time, elections for the NEC will take place by Single Transferable Vote. Find out how this works and how to maximise the chances of getting Grassroots Voice candidates elected.

Nominate these candidates!

Nominate our candidates at your CLP meetings to give them the best chance to win! CLPs have until 17th June to nominate NEC candidates. Following this there will be a ballot using Single Transferable Voting between 3rd August and 30th August.

Which posts can I vote for?

All members can vote for the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) representative positions.

Young members (aged under 27) can vote for the youth representative position.

Members who self-define as an ethnic minority can vote for the BAME representative position.

Members who self-define as disabled can vote for the Disabled members' representative position.

Members in Wales can vote for the Welsh representative position.

Key dates:

Friday 17th June:

Candidate nominations close.

Wednesday 3rd August:

Labour begins emailing out ballots. Voting opens.

Friday 26th August:

Voting closes.

What we stand for:

For an economy for the many, not the few

Our rigged system is in crisis: spiralling energy bills and a cost of living crisis, while billionaire profits soar. The alternative is socialist and it's popular. A higher minimum wage, public ownership, strengthened trade unions, more and better housing for the working class. This is the future we need.

For a Green New Deal

It’s code red for the climate. We need to take on the fossil fuel industry and transform our economy to be greener, cleaner and fairer. Together, we can build a zero-carbon economy in the interests of the millions, not the millionaires.

For liberation and equality

In the past two years we have witnessed protests against institutional sexism and racism in the police, while the Tory Government imposes racist new laws to strengthen police powers, attack people seeking asylum and strip our citizenship rights. We will take on the political elites fostering division and domination. And we will fight for a party unifed in the fights against racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, Afrophobia, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, ableism, sexism, sexual harassment, and the scapegoating of migrant and Traveller communities.

For a democratic party

Labour is a democratic socialist party and should be run as such. Our members come from all walks of life - they are the backbone of our Party. Members should guide policy through Conference, our sovereign body, and choose their own candidates for elections, not have them imposed from on high. Our Party’s autonomous structures should be respected.

The time for waiting is over. Let’s build a Labour Party that will fight for the future we need.

Donate to Grassroots Voice

A Green New Deal, vocal support for Black Lives Matter, a post-pandemic economy for the many: so much is on the line in Labour’s upcoming NEC elections. Contribute to the Grassroots Voice election fund and help fight for the future we need.